Short Fills

A wide range of short fill brands with original and unique flavours for every vaper!

Strong, authentic and versatile flavours.

Our extensive collection of short fills provides the full complement of benefits with its strikingly evocative flavours, which are simultaneously technically clean, compliant and commercially viable. 


Bangin Flava

Tropical Mix
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Tropical Brew is our top selling flavour of 2019. It's a mixture of guava with a hint (a very mild hint) of pineapple for body and sweetness. If you're a fan of fruity flavours, you're going to love this flavour.

Red Apple Chilled
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This is one of the most popular flavours in our catalogue. The flavour description is simple enough - a sweet red apple on the inhale with a refreshing cooling effect on the exhale.

Choc Mint Créme
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The perfect chocolate flavour! It tastes exactly like certain famous chocolate mint wafers with the mint and hints of chocolate blending well to create a very balanced flavour profile.

Pound Town

Lemon Poundcake
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There is nothing like waking up in the morning o the smell of fresh pound cake. The sweet glazed aroma mixed with the smell of sweet and zesty citrus pounding your nostrils every time you enjoy this treat.

Blueberry Poundcake
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We took to take our original poundcake recipe and added some delectable blueberries. We can only say that this recipe gets us hot and bothered. We love to spread the love, but don't expect others to share.

Brümus E-liquids

Dragon Brü
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The afternoon refreshment of fresh green apple blended with white peach and infused with green tea. Dragon Brü is a unique taste and easily an all-day-vape.

Pacific Brü
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An American classic - a strawberry and kiwi pacific cooler. A throw-back to the juice pouches that every American mom would pack in their kids' lunch boxes.

Rainbow Brü
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Your morning breakfast treasure is here. Rainbow Brü is the delicious sweetness at the bottom of every bowl of fruit loops cereal. The best froops flavour around!

Equilibrium Vapor

Strawberry Mangerine
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A sweet & juicy mouthful of fresh strawberries, succulent mango and sweet tangerine for that tangy tongue finish. 

Strawberry Mangerine Ice
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A refreshingly cool mouthful of fresh strawberries, succulent mango and sweet tangerine for that tangy tongue finish.

Dewcumber Melon
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A delicious blend of melons and garden fresh cucumbers for a splendidly refreshing all day vape.

Vaporworks Classics

Recipe 01
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A sweet blend of lemon and lime, mixed with an almost undetectable strawberry base which mellows out the sharpness of the recipe. A smooth and refreshing all-day-vape.

Recipe 24
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A simple yet elegant French vanilla base - light, yet distinctive in its impression. Then blended with fresh, ripe strawberries to create a tasty, creamy infusion of flavour.

Recipe 56
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A rich strudel pastry, with touches of caramel and vanilla greet you on the inhale. Whilst the exhale leaves you with rich nutty notes that will have you wanting more.

Recipe 76
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We’ve blended our own toasted vanilla bourbon to give a distinctive flavour and warming sensation on the inhale with lingering hints of coconut on the exhale.

Rhubarb & Custard
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A sharp top note of rhubarb layered on a moreish creamy custard base to create the most well-balanced rhubarb and custard flavour around!

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A ripe mango favour that goes down a treat either with a standard nicotine shot or made chilled with an iced nicotine shot. Either way, you're bound to love it.

Sweet Custard
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A simple, yet moreish custard flavour akin to many of the favourites from the early days of vaping. A sweet and creamy custard for a perfect dessert vape.

Vaporworks Signature

Grape Guava
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A blend of juicy Kyoho grapes and ripe guava come together with a sweet berry base to form a refreshing vape for lovers of fruity flavours.

Double Mint
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A simple and refreshing flavour for lovers of minty profiles. A blend of peppermint and spearmint come together to create a favourite gum.

Aniberry Mint
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Dark berries and aniseed infusion with a light touch of peppermint. Our Aniberry Mint is one of those truly rare special flavours.

Sweet Lime
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It sounds simple, but if you like sweet citrus flavours, you're going to love this. This is one of the most refreshing vapes out there!

Crumbles E-liquids

Fuji Melon
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The delicious and crispy taste of green apple and berries blended together in a lollipop with a juicy and flavourful watermelon centre. A refreshing all-day-vape that you won't be able to put down.

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The mouth watering combination of blue raspberry and lychee fused together to create a lollipop with a distinctly unique and knockout flavour. A taste that you won't be able to get enough of!

Cafe Brülée
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The delicate flavours of your favourite custards come together with freshly ground coffee beans and a hint of  bourbon to give you a rich decadent vaping experience that will satisfy any palate.