White Label Services

Start selling your own brands of e-liquids in as little as a week.

500+ retail stores stock our white label products.

Our production infrastructure includes a number of fully automated production lines suited for low volume bottling runs. Together with our extensive catalogue of compounded flavouring, we offer our retail customers a white label service in both TPD compliant and short fill formats. To date, our white label products can be found in over 500 retail stores in the UK.

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There are many reasons that retailers embark down the road of white label products. Here are just some of the benefits that our customers have found by including white label products in their retail strategy.

Build customer loyalty

Promoting your own brand not only helps to advertise your business, but also provides the customer with a product that they cannot purchase anywhere else meaning that they are more likely to become repeat customers of your store. Time after time, case studies show that businesses that carry exclusive lines, see significantly greater customer loyalty.

Better margins for you

Most "premium" e-liquids cost you a premium price. A large portion of this premium is the money that the brand owner spends on advertising their brand. This is money that they spend to add value to their balance sheet and which you pay for. By placing a greater emphasis on your own lines of product, you attain a better margin by saving yourself this premium.

Add to your shop's value

If your business only stocks and sells the products of others, your sales add only a limited amount to the value of the business you have worked hard to build. This is because you sell nothing that you actually own. By promoting your own lines and achieving sales of your own product lines, your business will have a value far greater than a rival that only sells the products of others.

No more cutting prices

How often have you been told by a customer that they can buy the same e-liquid cheaper elsewhere? It probably happens far more often than you'd like. By stocking and promoting your own lines of e-liquid, you will be supplying a product whose price only you control. No more being told that a nearby competitor or some random seller on eBay sells it cheaper than you.

Over 500 retail shops use our white label service.

Speak to us and see how easy and cost-effective it is for your shops to start carrying your own brands.

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We make the process of getting your own brand of e-liquid on your shelves as simple and painless as we can. Many of our customers have had their first delivery within a week of making their initial enquiry.

Select your flavours 

Choose from our catalogues of sub-ohm and above-ohm flavouring formulations. All our formulations, including those available in short fill formats are TPD compliant and have been consumer tested within retail environments prior to being made available to our white label clients.

Design your brand

Having an effective brand is every bit as important as the quality of your flavour profiles. Our team can assist you during this stage to help you achieve tan effective brand image. Our templates will allow your team to create the right brand image for what you have in mind.

Order your unique product

Once you've decided on your flavours and your branding, we'll take care of the rest. You'll be given a set of unique product ordering codes which you'll to place your orders with us. Under normal conditions, we process, bottle and deliver all orders within 10 working days.


Our range is comprised of two flavouring books - above ohm formulations designed at mouth-to-lung devices and sub ohm formulations.

Our sub ohm flavours are available in TPD-compliant 10ml bottles, 50ml short fill bottles, and 100ml short fill bottles. Each can be formulated to 60/40, 70/30 and 80/20 VG to PG ratios.

[SUB001] Grape & Guava: An blend of sweet grape on the inhale and the sweetness of guava on the exhale.

[SUB002] Grape & Guava Chilled:  An exotic blend of sweet grape on the inhale and the sweetness of guava together with a cold hit on the exhale.

[SUB003] Tropical Fruit Chilled: A complex tropical blend with a cold hit on the exhale.

[SUB004] Strawberry, Mango & Tangerine: A fruity mix with a very slight (almost undetectable) touch of menthol.

[SUB005] Double Mint Gum: A blend of peppermint and spearmint with a sweet twist on the exhale.

[SUB006] Honeydew Melon & Cucumber: Sweet honeydew melon with refreshing hints of cucumber on the exhale.

[SUB007] Green Apple & White Peach Tea: Tart and refreshing green apple with sweet hints of white peach tea.

[SUB008] Red Apple Chilled: A bright and potent red apple with a cold hit on the exhale.

[SUB009] Strawberry & Vanilla Bean: Strawberry layered on a creamy vanilla bean base.

[SUB010] Lemon Pound Cake: A moreish baked lemon paired with a buttery sponge cake.

[SUB011] Blue Raspberry & Lychee: Potent blue raspberry in the foreground with a hint of the sweetness of lychee in the background.

[SUB012] After Eight: A creamy chocolate mint treat akin to the popular chocolate mint thins.

[SUB013] Berry Aniseed: A complex mixture of dark berries infused with a hint of aniseed.

[SUB014] Coconut Bourbon: A deep and warming bourbon base with a strong coconut finish.

[SUB015] Blueberry Pound Cake: A European blueberry (bilberry) mixed with a rich buttery American pound cake.

[SUB016] Lime & Lemongrass: A strong and sweet citrus mix of lime and lemongrass.

[SUB017] Sweet Custard: A sweet and creamy custard for a perfect dessert vape.

[SUB018] Rhubarb & Custard: A moreish custard base with a sharp hint of rhubarb.

[SUB019] Mango Chilled: A strong and ripe mango with a cooling hit on the exhale.

[SUB020] Pink Lemonade: A zingy lemonade with a tangy citrus and strawberry on the exhale.

[SUB021] Caramel Strudel: A rich strudel pastry, with touches of caramel and a nutty exhale.

[SUB022] Green Apple & Watermelon: A crispy green apple blended with a juicy and flavourful watermelon centre.

[SUB023] Coffee Cake: Freshly ground coffee beans layered over a rich cake base.

[SUB024] Strawberry & Kiwi Cooler: A strawberry and kiwi pacific cooler.

[SUB025] Fruit Loops Cereal: The creamy sweetness at the bottom of every bowl of fruit loops cereal.

Our above ohm flavours are available in TPD-compliant 10ml bottles. Each can be formulated to 40/60, 50/50, and 60/40 VG to PG ratios.

[ABV001]  Rhubarb & Custard

[ABV002] Mango

[ABV003] Fruit Tart

[ABV004] Tobacco Dark

[ABV005] Two Apples

[ABV006] Golden Virginia

[ABV007] Ice Menthol

[ABV008] Menthol

[ABV009]  Heisenbrew:  An all-time classic medley of purple fruits and an ice cold finish with a touch of eucalyptus.

[ABV010] Tobacco

[ABV011] Bubblegum

[ABV012] Blueberry

[ABV013] Strawberry

[ABV014] Cherry Cola

[ABV015] Blue Raspberry

[ABV016] Parma Violet

[ABV017] Florida Orange

[ABV018] Berry Red

[ABV019] Blackberry

[ABV020] Cherry Menthol

[ABV021] Cherry Red

[ABV022] Mentholated Tobacco

[ABV023] Garden Mint

[ABV024] Peppermint

[ABV025] Spearmint

[ABV026] Pear

[ABV027] Raspberry

[ABV028] Tobacco RY4

[ABV029] Watermelon

[ABV030] Tutti Frutti

[ABV031] Sweet Mint